Hastings: A Hotbed of Women's Emancipation Exhibition 2018 - Hastings Old Town Carnival Week

Hastings: A Hotbed of Women's Emancipation Exhibition2018

New Exhibition – “Hastings a Hotbed of Women’s Emancipation”. Miss Matters wasn't the only suffragette locally - it seems Hastings was something of a hotbed for the movement." (Pamela Haines) Lord Curzon blamed women writers - and Hastings had a number of them. Many of whom wrote on women's matters, others wrote novels, plays or poetry, and some wrote assiduously to the local newspapers. The exhibition features some of these, (not forgetting to mention some of the men lending their support) and the events which surrounded them, as well as offering a brief history of the suffragette movement, more specifically in Hastings. The accompanying slide show features many cartoons and posters of the time, as well as Hastings related photos.