Grand Carnival Procession 2019 - Hastings Old Town Carnival Week

Grand Carnival Procession2019

This year the theme is "Out with the Old and In with the New"

  • 4.00pm ASSEMBLY STARTS in Rock-a-Nore Road.
  • 4.30pm registration for judging closes.
  • 5.00pm PARADE STARTS.
Judging takes place during the parade, where you will be judged not only on your costumes and/or float but on how you entertain and engage with the spectators and interpret the theme. Arrivals after 4.30pm must register for collecting buckets though may not be judged, but are welcome in the procession. When you register you will receive class cards to show the judges as you pass.

The Grand Carnival Procession

The Hastings Old Town Carnival was started in 1968, when the Old Town Residents felt there should be an Old Town version of the Hasting Carnival …

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