Aerial Display 2009 - Hastings Old Town Carnival Week

Aerial Display2009

Pilot, Chris Jesson, will perform amazing aerial feats in his Stampe SV4 biplane. The SV4 was designed as a biplane tourer/training aircraft in the early 1930s by Stampe et Vertongen. The aircraft you see today was built in 1948 and is based at Headcorn. Watch out for it over the sea between the town centre and Rock a Nore. We have been able to raise sponsorship to pay for two more aerial displays: an Aerobatic Helicopter, flown by Julian, and a CAP232 aircraft, flown by pilot Richard Pickin. If you know of anyone who would like to add to the sponsorship for these displays, please contact Robert Morgan on 01424 422582. 15:30. The Stampe.SV4 piloted by Chris Jesson 15:55. The Helicopter flown by Julian 16:15. The Cap 232 flown by Richard Pickin