PIRATE DAY IN HASTINGS OLD TOWN! 2010 - Hastings Old Town Carnival Week


The pirates return to Hastings for a day of colourful and spectacular action! Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and Barbosa meet again as the Old Town goes back in time with swashbuckling action and music as Pirates converge on Hastings once again. Come dressed as a pirate and be in their crew as they march on Hastings! Hastings Town becomes Pirate Town! Join them for the Guinness Book of Records attempt – the greatest number of pirates in one place. The current record is held by Portland, Oregan, USA, with 1670 pirates. Let's make Hastings "The biggest Pirate Day in the World"

Results Hastings smashed the previous world record, with a total of 6166 pirates!
From 10.30am - Childrens entertainment in George Street: nautical music, hair braiding, face painting, treasure hunt and musicians. Treasure Hunt forms from Old Town Carnival Week office, on the seafront. 1pm - Guinness World Record attempt - Follow the drums onto the beach to await the arrival of the Pirates. Expect the unexpected!! Adjacent to the lifeboat house
Requirements for pirate costume, to be considered a 'Pirate' and to be included in the world record attempt:
  • Pirate style hat or bandana,
  • An eye patch,
  • An accessory:sword or hook or musket or pirate flag or parrot.
  • An appropriate striped or white t-shirt or shirt,
  • Appropriate trousers, pantaloons,tatty trousers, rolled up trousers or flowing skirts.
2pm - Pirate Procession. Join Jack Sparrow, Barbosa, Will Turner, Elizabeth Turner and scores of drummers as one of the largest colourful Pirate processions ever sets off to march through Hastings Town Centre and back into the Old Town. Starts at lifeboat house, ends at Torfield Close in the High Street (top end), but can be joined at any point. There is sure to be action! 'Watch out … the law’s coming … scatter … back to your ships, me hearties!' 3.30pm - Scenes from Pirates of Penzance performed in Butlers Gap. Meet the Pirates and have your photo taken with them. 4pm - Live music and Punch & Judy in the High Street. 5pm to 7.30pm - Piratical Barbecue at Hastings Motor Boat & Yacht Club, Rock a Nore. Ahoy there me hearties! All swords must remain sheathed, and pistols shall not be cocked. Pieces of eight or coins of the realm accepted. Well behaved parrots and children welcome. Heave away and haul away with special guests, Hastings Sea Shanty Crew, on board from 6pm to lead the singing of lusty songs of the sea and rousing sea shanties. Proceeds from the barbecue to Hastings Borough Bonfire Society. 8pm - Pirate Songs and Sea Shanties at the Stag, All Saints Street. Yo ho me hearties, drink up!

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