Film Screening 'Local Hero' 2023 - Hastings Old Town Carnival Week

Film Screening 'Local Hero'2023

Sunday 30 July 2023 Time of event “Local Hero” Film Screening Duration: 111mins Director: Bill Forsyth (1983) This happy-sad tale about a fishing village under threat from US oil money is as wonderful as it was on its release 40 years ago, with standout turns from Burt Lancaster and youthful Peter Capaldi. A sleepy Scottish seaside village is wanted by a big American Oil and Gas company. They want to replace the village with a huge refinery for North Sea oil. Ace dealmaker (Peter Riegert) is sent to negotiate. He finds cheerful future millionaires, awesome northern lights, a lusty innkeeper, a stubborn beachcomber and a mermaid with webbed toes. Forsyth's touch is perfect: whether showing us an all American oil tycoon (Burt Lancaster) with his head in the stars or bridging generations an all-night ceilidh dance.