Model & Exhibition: Old Town Fishing Community and George Woods 2023 - Hastings Old Town Carnival Week

Model & Exhibition: Old Town Fishing Community and George Woods2023

Every day from 11am to 5pm. HASTINGS FISHERMEN’S MUSEUM, Rock-a-Nore Road Model and Exhibition “Hastings Old Town Fishing Community – Memories Lost and Forgotten”. A unique and magnificent model by John (Tush) and Pat Hamilton. You will never have seen anything like this depiction of parts of the Old Town and the lives of our fishermen in recent times past. Also George Woods-Hastings: a photographic display exhibition. Steve Peak writes - George Woods was a local photographer who took about 2,500 plate glass pictures in and around Hastings in the 1890s. They give a fascinating glimpse of what life was like in the town’s fishing industry and tourist trade just before the prosperous resort was hit by a major recession in the Edwardian era. Entrance free, donation to Fishermen’s Museum welcome. Wheelchair accessible.