Electric Palace Cinema: Sculptural Rituals 2023 - Hastings Old Town Carnival Week

Electric Palace Cinema: Sculptural Rituals2023

30 mins of short films / One Hour Live Concert Tonight we present Alchemy: Short films curated by Matt Hulse, followed by a live performance by Aylin Leclaire. Short films explore processes of transformation including works by Matt Hulse, Andrew Kötting, Jane Glennie, Joost van Veen, Daniel H Bell, Gabriel Foster Prior and others. Matt Hulse is an artist, filmmaker, photographer, performer and writer. His films have screened at dozens of festivals and galleries in 25+ countries internationally. He has been nominated thrice each for The Jarman Award and The Margaret Tait Awards. In 2017 he was the overall winner of Germany’s prestigious Felix Schoeller Photo Award. Alchemy is F Rated. Aylin Leclaire The night will also feature a performance from musical artist, Aylin Leclaire. With her folky, dark pop electro sound, Aylin takes us on journeys into other worlds and dimensions. Using a mixture of atmospheric sounds, complex beats and experimental elements, she joins the ranks of performers such as Kate Bush, Björk and Jenny Hval. With her virtuoso voice, the German-Turkish musician tells emotionally charged stories in which her own life experiences mix with an otherworldly poetry. In her live shows the interdisciplinary artist fuses artistically sophisticated performances with elaborate stage designs to a body of art. Her work is original, critical and playful.