- Hastings Old Town Carnival Week

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Grand Opening Ceremony-9.15am--------
High Street Party!------6.00pm---
Pram Race-----6.30pm----
Grand Carnival Procession--------4.00pm-
Crown Lane Bike Race----4.30pm-----
The Early History of Hastings Old Town (part one) by Ken Brooks-----6.00pm----
Hastings Pirate Day-------9.00am--
Hastings Free Beach Concert-12.00pm12.00pm-------
AERIAL DISPLAY--------2.30pm-
Lunchtime Concert: The Songs of Edward Elgar-------12.00pm--
Coffee Morning in Open Garden-10.00am10.00am-------
Behind the Scenes of Hastings Old Town Ghost Walk.--6.00pm----5.00pm--
Allotments Open Day--1.00pm-------
Illustrated Talk: Smuggling in Hastings--3.30pm-------
The Original Hastings Old Town Ghost Walk---6.00pm---7.00pm--
Features, Fanlights & Fenestrations: guided walk----10.00am-----
Original Old Town Walk by Old Hastings Preservation Society----1.30pm1.30pm1.30pm---
135 Renovation Project - Completed and Furnished--------10.00am10.00am
The Story Cave with local author Mo Heard------9.30am---
Open Day at Pollock's Toy Shop----10.00am-----
Have a Go on a Potter's Wheel-10.00am10.00am10.00am10.00am10.00am10.00am10.00am10.00am10.00am
Open Garden at Owlers Cottage-11.15am-1.15pm-2.30pm1.30pm-10.30am-
Twittens and Cat Creeps Walk-2.00pm3.00pm-1.30pm1.00pm-2.30pm12.45pm2.30pm
Twilight Smugglers Walk-6.30pm--6.30pm--6.30pm-6.30pm
Foyle's Walk--1.00pm--5.15pm--2.30pm12.45pm
Stables Theatre Art Gallery---9.30am9.30am9.30am9.30am9.30am9.30am-
Summer Fete-1.00pm--------
Chinese Herbal Medicine Talk---5.00pm------
Hot & Cold Buffet Lunch----10.30am-----
Blessing of the Animals----5.00pm-----
St Clements with All Saints Parish Gift Day--------9.00am-
Songs of Praise---------5.00pm
Creepy Corner - collection of images and stories1.00pm1.00pm1.00pm1.00pm1.00pm1.00pm1.00pm1.00pm1.00pm1.00pm
RNLI Hastings Beach Concert-12.00pm12.00pm-------
Beach Concert Indoors7.00pm---------
Stade Guided Walks-2.00pm1.00pm1.00pm1.00pm4.30pm4.30pm4.30pm10.00am1.00pm
Hastings History House-9.00am9.00am9.00am9.00am9.00am9.00am9.00am9.00am9.00am
Recalling & Restoring - Exhibition-9.00am9.00am9.00am9.00am9.00am9.00am9.00am9.00am9.00am
Guess the Number of Corks in the Window-9.00am9.00am9.00am9.00am9.00am9.00am9.00am9.00am-
OHPS Coffee Morning-----10.00am----
The Great Pelham Family - talk by Christine Hayward-----3.30pm----
Home & Garden Sale--------9.00am-
Family History Day at the History House--------9.00am-
Boot Sale---------9.00am
Trolley Bus Pull---------11.00am
Open Flat and Roof Garden---------1.00pm
A Regency Walk---------1.00pm
FILO Brewery Tours----1.00pm1.00pm----
Fun on the Churchyard Steps--1.00pm-------
Slave Auction!--------1.00pm-
Hastings HOT Houses Exhibition----9.00am9.00am9.00am9.00am9.00am9.00am
Creative Drop-In Workshop-12.00pm------12.00pm-
Hastings Horror Walk-7.00pm--7.00pm-----
Historic Old Town Churchyards Walk--2.00pm-----2.00pm2.00pm
Sunday Supernatural Stroll--5.00pm------5.00pm
After Dark Ghost Walk-----7.30pm7.30pm---
Hidden Old Town Revealed: Walk-------2.00pm10.00am-
Putting Knockout-----5.00pm----
Art Group-3.00pm--------
Organ Concert---6.30pm------
Film: A Day in the Life-----7.00pm----
Film: I Love This Town - Glenn Veness------6.30pm---
Film: The Black Pirate-------7.00pm--
1945 & All That Stuff: pub quiz----7.00pm-----
Quick Portrait Sketches-1.30pm1.00pm1.00pm1.00pm1.00pm1.00pm--1.00pm
Old Town Health Walk---1.00pm------
Features, Fanlights & Fenestrations Walk----10.00am-----
All Washed Up: Exhibition by Michael Dutton11.00pm11.00pm11.00pm11.00pm11.00pm11.00pm11.00pm11.00pm11.00pm-
The 39 Steps: Stables Theatre production6.30pm6.30pm2.00pm6.30pm6.30pm6.30pm6.30pm6.30pm--
Quick Portrait Sketches-1.30pm1.00pm1.00pm1.00pm1.00pm1.00pm--1.00pm
The Likely Lads: Charity Gig5.00pm---------
Broderick and Blomfield Opening of Exhibition-9.15am--------
Coffee Morning in aid of Two Towers Trust---9.30am------
Dance Show by Wendy Cameron's School of Dance---10.00am------
Afternoon Cream Tea---1.30pm------
Organic Cream Tea---1.30pm------
The Development of Ore: Talk by Brian Lawes---3.30pm------
Seaboot Race!---5.00pm------
Old Town Treasure Trail---5.30pm------
Grand Auction---7.00pm------
Coffee Morning----9.00am-----
Open Garden at 8 High Street----9.30am-----
Old Town Hall Museum talk----11.00am-----
Open Working Studio-10.00am10.00am-------
The First Hastings: Walk---1.00pm------
A Vintage Fashion Show----6.00pm-----
Coffee Morning at Hastings History House-----10.00am----
Old Town Hall Museum talk---11.00am11.00am11.00am11.00am11.00am--
Ploughmans Lunch St Mary Star of the Sea-----11.00am----
Open Garden Elm Lodge-----12.00pm----
Meet the Artist: Michael Dutton-----3.00pm----
Ploughmans Lunch, Monday Wives------11.00am---
Open Garden Strawberry Cottage------1.00pm---
Hidden Connections & Strange Coincidences: Talk------3.30pm---
Children's Fancy Dress Competition------4.30pm---
Old Town Country Market-------9.30am--
Guided Tours of the Stables Theatre-------10.00am10.00am-
Cheese & Wine Lunch at the History House-------11.00am--
Rectory Ramblings & Records-------6.00pm--
Amsterdam Night-------7.00pm--
Fireworks from the Castle--------8.00pm-
Loggetts Competition at The Stag---------2.00pm
The Moors at The Stag---------2.00pm
On Tour: Film at Electric Palace---------7.00pm
Theatrical Fun for Children------5.00pm---
JUDGING OF THE BEST DRESSED Shop WINDOW IN the old town----3.00pm-----