Reliefs, By Katharine Wallinger 2009 - Hastings Old Town Carnival Week

Reliefs, By Katharine Wallinger2009

After graduating in theatre design at the London Institute of Art, Katharine traveled and worked all over the world producing work for, among others, the New York Metropolitan Opera. She has just finished the well received ‘Smoke and Mirrrors’ show, collaborating with Urban artist, Kid Acne, at the Stella Dare Gallery in London. Inspired by La Familia in Barcelona, the Baroque spires of the Prague, the beer bottle top mosaics of Berlin and all things decorative, Katharine is making the leap from commissioned technician to ‘artist’ with this first solo exhibition, promising some unashamedly beautiful work. Pop in any time during opening hours, when you can savour a free glass of wine or a coffee and enjoy the work of this promising young artist. Donations, however, are gratefully accepted on behalf of OHPS.